Kelly, Lynda

Lynda Kelly writes the Amy and Clown series. Her riding career started at the age of eight, when she had a donkey ride at the church fete. She says: 'After three years of determined nagging (and practising riding on an old saddle), my parents bought me a six-month old, wild, Dartmoor colt from Bampton Fair. I tamed him, walked him for miles on the roads and eventually rode him. With no saddle, I was off more than I was on, but a fearless passion to ride won through. Needless to say, Clown is modelled on this pony!' She’s owned several more ponies over the years, and her own children rode. Now she no longer rides (she is a bookseller, specialising in literature on broadcasting and mass media), she fills the gap with the Amy and Clown series.

Amy and Clown
The Most Horrible Pony
Magazine-Page Pony
Arab Dream Horse, Not
Blister Parkin and the Bullies
Disappearing Ponies

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