Cooper, Louise

Louise Cooper (1952–2009) wrote fantasies. She’d completed two novels by the time she left school (she described them as 'embarrassingly bad') and published her first novel, The Book of Paradox, when she was 20. Six more novels followed, and she had her big break when, at her agent’s suggestion, she re-wrote her book Lord of No Time and turned it into the Time Master trilogy. Many more fantasy novels followed, including her Sea Horses quartet, which features an evil spirit horse.

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Louise Cooper’s website

Bibliography: pony books only
Sea Horses, Puffin Books, London, 2003, 147 pp
The Talisman, Puffin Books, London, 2004, 178 pp.
Gathering Storm, Puffin Books, London, 2004
The Last Secret, Puffin Books, London, 2005