McKain, Kelly

Kelly McKain has worked as a pre-prep teacher and as a copywriter. She now writes full time, and has written for teenagers as well as younger age groups. She has written several children’s series: Fairy House, Totally Lucy, Mermaid Rock and Quentin Quirk (under the pseudonym Matt McKain). For teenagers, she’s written the Goddess books.

Her Pony Camp Diaries series, reviewed below, is written in the breathless (and to an adult ear, relentless) style that many children’s television programmes are delivered in. The series is set in Sunnyside Stables, which takes girls for holidays and gives them a pony of their own for a week. Each book tells the story of a different girl and pony, and of the other girls she meets on her stay. The books are written in diary form (a form she likes: she’s used it for Half a Sister).

Finding the books:
All are still in print.

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