Price, Katie

Katie Price (aka Jordan) is much better known for her celebrity lifestyle than she is for her writing career. Her books are ghost-written, and she is one of the best paid authors in the field, according to Wikipedia, having received a £300,000 advance for her books from Random House. There are two things to be said for her series: she does appear to know what she’s talking about, and she steers well clear of fantasy.

Tim Teenan of The Times describes the covers of the series as 'enough to rot your teeth.' As for the contents, the stories are adequate: if linguistic style is your thing, they are not 'well good'. I heartily dislike their concentration on their heroines’ appearance, and the illustrations are appalling. There have been no Perfect Ponies books for some years, so it looks as if both publisher and author have lost interest.

Perfect Ponies
Here Comes the Bride
Little Treasures
Fancy Dress Ponies
Pony Club Weekend
The New Best Friend
Ponies to the Rescue
Star Ponies
Ponies ‘n’ Pooch
Pony in Disguise
Stage Fright
Secrets and Surprises
Wild West Weekend

Finding the books
All appear to be in print.

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My review of the books