Harrison-Wallace, Katharine

Katharine Harrison-Wallace was the god-daughter of the Duke of Atholl, who wrote a foreword to her book. Written and illustrated by her when she was 12 years old, it was reproduced in facsimile form. It is that very rare thing: a book written by a young author which I would seek out and read again. The author is a trenchant observer, so much so that she convinced Colonel CEG Hope, of Riding Magazine, that she was worth reading. Colonel Hope was not a fan of the book written by a very young author, but he liked Sambo and Susan. The book is made up of three short stories. Katharine Harrison-Wallace is a trenchant observer: Sambo and Susan are husband and wife, but Susan’s head is turned by a handsome white horse, with whom she goes off without a second glance. Poor Sambo is left bereft, and Katharine simply observes that: 'Whenever Sambo passed a familiar place, the tears rolled down his cheeks.'

Finding the book
Very difficult to find in its original printing, it’s now been re-issued by the Apple Tree Press,, and you can buy it direct from them. All profits from the book are going to the Hunt Staff Benevolent Society.

Sources and links
Sambo and Susan, introduction
The Apple Tree Press, - run by Katharine Harrison-Wallace’s son, Colin Studd