Nowak, Karin

Karin Nowak (b.1936 ) was born in London. She was sent to prep school at a young age, and from 1940–1946, she lived in a children’s hostel for children whose mothers were doing war work. It was this experience on which she based her book, telling of life as she remembered it. The book was written when she was 14, aimed at children of her own age, and is dedicated to the Pullein-Thompson sisters, who taught her to ride. She carried on writing as an adult, producing three further books for Harrap: The Children’s Book of Russian Folk Tales (1961), The Children’s St Francis, (1963) and New York Holiday (1971).

Finding the book
Not particularly difficult to find.

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Biographical information in Cantering Through

Bibliiography: pony books only
Cantering Through, George G Harrap & Co Ltd, London, 1951, illus Dick and Joan Robinson.  118 pp. Colour frontis.