Barker, K F

Kathleen Frances Barker was a British artist and illustrator known for her work on dogs and horses. She was also a keen sportswoman, and wrote on beagling and hunting. Her books on dogs far outnumber her works on horses, but she had the knack of drawing both horses and ponies, and of making their human companions lively and interesting. She wrote numerous animal stories, ranging far beyond dogs to encompass tigers and moles, although as with her illustrations, most of her stories were about dogs.

K F Barker wrote one fictional horse story, Traveller’s Joy, and a collection of essays on horses, Nothing but Horses. She illustrated several pony books in the 1930s for Country Life: Phari and Zong for M E Buckingham, and Col Enriquez’ Khyberie and Khyberie in Burma.

Finding the books
Traveller’s Joy, Nothing but Horses and The Young Entry are all reasonably easy to find. Very good copies with dustjackets can be expensive. The Khyberie books are also easy to find.

The British Library

Bibliography: pony books only
Traveller’s Joy:  Gentleman and Puller, Country Life, London, 1934, 164pp

Nothing but Horses - a Series of Essays on Horses and Their Ways
– a Horse Lover’s Sketch Book, Adam & Charles Black, London, 1938, illus the author, 150 pp.

Short stories
Tradesmen’s Horses, in Twenty More Animals Stories, A & C Black Ltd, London, 1941
(Also several extracts from the Bellman the Beagle books)

Just Dogs,Country Life, 1933
Bellman Carries On, A & C Black, 1933
Bellman the story of a Beagle, Country Life, 1933
Himself, Country Life, 1935
Champion, the Story of a Bull Terrier, Country Life, 1936
Just Pups - Sketches in Pen and Pencil, Country Life, 1937
Dog Days, William Heinemann, 1938
Nothing but Dogs, A & C Black, 1938
Rogues’ Gallery, William Heinemann, 1939
The Young Entry: Fox-Hunting, Beagling and Otter-Hunting for Beginners, Adam & Charles Black, 1939
The January Tortoise, George G Harrap & Sons, 1954
The Mole Who Was Different, George G Harrap & Sons, 1955
The Wood by the Water, George G Harrap & Sons, 1957
There are Tigers About, George G Harrap, 1958
Me and My Dog: The Pedigree Boxer and the Alley Kitten, Country Life, 1961

Illustrated by
M E Buckingham: Phari, Country Life, 1933
M E Buckingham: Zong, a Hill Pony, Country Life, 1934
Gordon Grand: The Silver Horn - Sporting Tales, Country Life, 1934
Enriquez: Khyberie, Country Life, 1934
Frediswid Sturges: Dowsha, the Story of a Donkey, A & C Black, 1935
Anna Sewell: Black Beauty, A & C Black, 1936
Angela Jeans: Harry the Peke, A & C Black, 1936
Alfred Ollivant: Owd Bob, William Heinemann, 1937
G B Stern: The Ugly Dachshund, Cassell & Co, 1938
G West: Us Dogs, Country Life, 1938
Enriquez: Khyberie in Burma, Country Life, 1939
Reginald Harrison Smythe: The Mind of the Dog, Country Life, 1958
Reginald Harrison Smythe: How Animals Talk, Country Life, 1959
Rosemary Weir: A Dog of Your Own, George G Harrap, 1960