Crebbin, June

June Crebbin was born in Leicestershire. She trained, and worked, as a teacher and took early retirement to concentrate on writing. She was a keen writer as a child, filling red notebooks she got from the Post Office with stories. When she was thirteen she wrote a book about a chestnut pony, which was illustrated by her art teacher. She has kept the pony theme going: although her books cover many subjects, several feature ponies. Like most of her books (over 40 now), they are aimed at the younger reader.

For inspiration, she draws on the children she knows at a local riding school. June Crebbin rides: she is learning the piaffe, so is obviously a dressage fan. She drives a pony and trap, which means in these days of extortionately expensive petrol that she has what might be a very useful skill indeed.

Finding the books
Ride to the Rescue and Nibbles are a little more expensive than the other titles, but still won’t break the bank. The Merryfield Hall series is still in print.

Sources and links
Walker Books on June Crebbin

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Short stories
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