Dickins, Joan

Joan Dickins wrote two books about Jill Crewe and her pony Prince, an Arab. Ruby Ferguson’s Jill’s Gymkhana, featuring of course Jill Crewe, was also published in 1949. I wonder who had the idea first. Jill Dickins wrote Jill and Prince the Pony when she was still at school, and alas, it shows. There is no comparison between the stories. Jill and Prince the Pony is one of the very few pony books I’ve been unable to finish, though not everyone dislikes it as much as me – I sold a copy to someone who liked it so much they promptly started it again once they’d finished.

Finding the books
Both books are reasonably easy to find, and not generally expensive, though Jill and Prince Triumph Again is becoming trickier to source.