Hucklesby, Jill

Jill Hucklesby grew up in Brighton in a flat with spooky cellars underneath, and the sound of the trains rumbling deep beneath. She loved horses, read Black Beauty, and rode when she could. One of the best days of her life was when her parents took her for her very first riding lesson to a riding school called 'Hope in the Valley'. When she could get the money together, she had lessons, and had some memorable rides: along the beach with her brother, who served in the Royal Horse Artillery, and a birthday hack with a horse who took every opportunity it could to scrape her off against a tree. Now she doesn’t ride, but still loves horses.

She has a degree in English and Drama, and worked as a journalist and in publicity. Her repertoire is wide: she’s written plays, and contributed to the Teddybears series on ITV. Her books are mostly for a YA audience and are about teenagers who experience life changing events.

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