Hughes, Jenny

Jenny Hughes was born in Poole, and has spent most of her life in Dorset. She had her first writing success when she was 14, and won an essay competition sponsored by a tea company. Part of the prize was ten pounds in weight of tea – vital supplies presumably to help while away those hours at the typewriter. Her fascination with horses came despite none of her family being bitten by the bug. During her career, she has worked with polo ponies and at a stud farm, as well as at an equestrian centre. All have provided her with material for her books, as have her own horses. She is also interested in theatre, and has written a serious play.

Her pony books have a touch of humour, as well as romance, and are aimed at the teenage market. In common with several of today’s British pony book writers, she has found it easier to be published outside the UK. Most of her recent novels have been published under the Pony Club imprint of Stabenfeldt, though Kenilworth have published some in paperback in the UK. Her books are, she says, written with English settings, but Americanised by the Stabenfeldt editor.

Finding the books
The UK paperbacks are easy to find (and mostly still in print). The Pony Club titles are starting to appear on the second hand market here.

Jenny Hughes
Jenny Hughes website
Jenny Hughes’ biography on the Pony Club book club site - not now extant