Rising, Janet

Janet Rising was an early starter. She started learning to ride when she was nine, spent every spare moment at the stables, and had stories published in PONY Magazine when she was 14. She’s well placed to sympathise with her readers: she’s now the editor of PONY Magazine.

Janet had a mule called Twoy (pronounced Two-ee) since he was weaned. Sadly, he died in 2012, at the age of over 30. She also has an imaginary Dachshund, but is planning to break into the exciting world of real dog ownership soon.

The Pony Whisperer series isn’t her only essay into fiction. PONY Magazine has an ongoing series about Jorja, which is written by Janet. Jorja’s adventures have made it into print, with Jorja and the High Stakes Horse, published by PONY Magazine. Like her Pony Whisperer series, Jorja is written with a wry wit.

Janet Rising’s books have a verve that’s missing in a lot of modern pony literature, and she’s well worth reading.

The Pony Whisperer series
The Word on the Yard
Team Challenge
Runaway Rescue
Prize Problems
Pony Rebellion
Stables S.O.S.

Finding the books
Jorja you will need to order via PONY Magazine. The other titles are all in print.

Links and sources
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