Gardam, Jane

Jane Gardam has won the Whitbread Prize for best novel twice (Queen of the Tambourine, 1991, and The Hollow Land, 1981) and has been nominated for the Booker. Although she wrote as a child, secreting her writings up the chimney, which led to disaster when she had chickenpox and a fire was lit in her room, she did not start writing seriously until her thirties. She is the author of the excellent Bilgewater, still one of my favourite teenage books, as well as adult and children’s fiction. She has written two books with a horsy connection: her Horse is only tangentially horsy – it’s about a chalk horse. Bridget and William (or Black Woolly Pony, to give it its later title) is about an actual pony. Both books are aimed at the younger reader.

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Jane Gardaminterviewed by Lucasta Miller in The Guardian, Saturday 30 July, 2005