Pullum, Isolde

Isolde Pullum first rode a horse at the age of two: she went riding with her older sister, who soon gave up, but Isolde was hooked. Her first pony, Henry, was a bit of a demon, but despite this she wept when he was swapped for the much more suitable Heidi. She has now ridden for nearly 40 years, and even rode away from her wedding side-saddle. She and her husband now have five horses, one of which, Gaudi, was the inspiration for The Brazen Horse. As a child, she was constantly told off for writing only about horses, and told to write at least one thing that didn’t contain a horse. She wrote about a unicorn instead, and 'argued long and hard about whether a unicorn was a horse or not!'

Isolde has written several books for Stabenfeldt, including the Green Horse series.

The Green Horse Series
Green Horse Winter
The Green Horse Hotel
The Green Horse Summer

Finding the books
No Stabenfeldt titles were published in the UK, but some copies have been imported and are usually available fairly cheaply here. Alternatively, you can try American sites, or, where bundles of titles tend to come up fairly often.

Links and sources
An interview with Isolde Pullum on the now defunct Stabenfeldt site.