Makin, Irene

Irene Makin (1917–?) was born in Calcutta in India, and educated there. During the Second World War, she joined the Women’s Auxiliary Corps (India), and was attached to Eastern Command. After the war, she moved to England, where she married and had three sons. As a child, she had several exotic pets (though her parents drew the line at a tiger), and her books reflect her fascination with animal life. She wrote two pony books: Ponies in the Attic (1970), and its sequel, Ponies in Peril (1973). Both books are set in the New Forest. Ponies in the Attic is a charming read.

Makin seems to have been active over a relatively short period. Her first book, Wild Cat, was published in 1968, was followed by Ponies in the Attic in 1970, Cry Wolf (1972) and Ponies in Peril (1973).

Finding the books
Ponies in the Attic is pretty easy to find in its Puffin incarnation. Ponies in Peril is a bit trickier to find, but not impossible. Copies are usually ex-library.

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Dustjacket of Ponies in Peril
Many thanks to Annette York for the pb photo of Ponies in the Attic.

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Ponies in the Attic
Ponies in Peril