Lieberkind, Ingvald

Ingvald Lieberkind (1897–1972) was a Danish author. He wrote popular science books, as well as radio and television programmes, which he used to pass on his love of animals. He wrote two books which were translated into English: A Deer in the Family, and The Little Foal, which is the charming story of a foal’s first few months.  It’s not, as far as I can gather, fiction, but it does have considerable period charm, which is why I’ve included it here.

Finding the book
The book is easy to find, and not too expensive.

Sources and links
Wikipedia article (which I used Google to translate as my Danish isn’t even rudimentary, so I apologise if I’ve inadvertently included errors.)

Bibliography: pony books only
The Little Foal, Michael Joseph, London, 1955, pictures by John Hartmann, 32pp. Translated from the Danish by Edith M. Nielsen