Lamond, Henry G

Henry George Lamond (1885–1969) farmed and wrote in Australia. He was educated at Brisbane Grammar School and the Queensland Agricultural College. As a young man, he had numerous agricultural jobs. From 1927–37 he leased the Molle Islands, off Queensland. He farmed South Molle Island until 1937, when he moved to a farm at Lindum, Brisbane. Rather than farming, it was his writing which increasingly supported his family. From the 1920s, he had been writing short stories and articles, and his first book, the non fiction Horns and Hooves, appeared in 1931. Lamond wrote on Australian wildlife and farming, and wrote several fictional horse titles.

Finding the books
Kilgour’s Mare is findable as a paperback, and looks as if it is available as print-on-demand. It is now, however, easy to find in its hardback incarnations. Amathea (under which title Kilgour’s Mare was originally printed) is very difficult to find. The Red Ruin Mare and The Manx Star are reasonably easy to track down.

Links and sources
Henry G Lamond on Wikipedia
Thanks to Janet for confirming that Amathea was republished as Kilgour’s Mare.