Turner, Gwenda

Gwenda Turner (1947–2001) was born in Australia, and moved to New Zealand when she was 19. She left school when she was sixteen, and started work as a secretary. She later took a graphic design course at Wellington Polytechnic, and produced her first book, Akaroa: Banks Peninsula, New Zealand in 1977. Her first children’s book was Daydream Journey (1981). She wrote and illustrated her books, researching the details with great care. Her illustrations are true to life, and reflect New Zealand life. She said: 'My style of illustration is true to life and I research everything I draw. I like working to deadlines. Very few days pass by when I haven't nibbled away with a pen or brush.'

Her one pony book (as far as I am aware) is the children’s picture book Pony School. The unnamed heroine is a tad over-horsed, but the illustrations are delightful and this is a good book to share with the pony mad early reader who is not too keen on fantasy.

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