Adam, Gabi

Gabi Adam is a German author, who contributes to the Stabenfeldt Pony Club series.  She was born in Southern Germany, and still lives there.  Her main contribution to Stabenfeldt has been the epic Diablo series, about Diablo and his rider, Ricki.  So far, I have been able to track down 18 titles.  The title of the eighteenth, Goodbye Diablo suggests that that might be that as far as Diablo is concerned.   The order to the right is speculative:  I don’t have all the titles so have had to guess at the order.

Finding the books
No Stabenfeldt titles were published in the UK, but some copies have been imported and are usually available fairly cheaply here.  Alternatively, you can try American sites, or, where bundles of titles tend to come up fairly often.

Links and sources
An interview with Gabi Adam (on the old Stabenfeldt site: no longer exists)