Raven, Emma

Emma Raven lives in Leicester, and writes pony books for the Stabenfeldt imprint. She was educated at a London University, and now writes pony books for the teenage market. She first experienced horses when staying at her grandmother’s house in Germany. Her grandmother had four large and scary horses, which Emma was forced to ride. The horses turned out to be less scary than her grandmother, and it was love for Emma. She now has a horse of her own, Thomas.

Finding the books
Very tricky to find in the UK, but widely available in the USA.

Links and sources
An interview with Emma Raven (no longer available)

Bibliography: pony books only
Twilight Horses, Stabenfeldt, 2005
Twilight Horses - Demon Rider (also contains Transitions by Jane Ayres)
Twilight Mystery, Stabenfeldt, Danbury, CT, 2007, 154 pp.