Bosworth, Ellen

Ellen Bosworth was a pseudonym used by the actress and writer Enid Bosworth Lorimer (1887–1982). She was born in Kent, and studied drama before moving to Sydney in 1923 to take up a position as art director at the Star Theatre, Balmoral. Her career involved many moves back and forth between England and Australia: where there was work that suited her, there she went. She worked with the BBC in London in 1927, and then went back to Sydney and radio work and helping to reform Actors’ Equity in Australia, and then on to England and a career in 1950s television. After another stint in Australia, she returned to England for her greatest theatrical triumphs in A Passage to India and as Marya Voynitsky in Uncle Vanya at the National Theatre where she acted opposite Laurence Olivier for two years.

In the 1970s, she turned to writing, and wrote the Shelley series.

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