Lindsay, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lindsay had an adventurous childhood: she used to ride the Corporation horses bareback in their field in Southampton, where she grew up. She didn’t fall off the horses, but extended operations to bullocks, which wasn’t such a success, as she was bucked off. Road investigations weren’t a success either: she explored a hole in the road and ended up with a cut that needed 14 stitches. She has a much less adventurous life now, and no longer rides or explores holes. After training as a teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama, she became a puppeteer in the TV series Pipkins, playing Topov the monkey, and Octavia the ostrich. She wrote two series of Heggarty Heggarty, and has recently written for The Hoobs.

Elizabeth Lindsay has written two pony series: the first, the Midnight Dancer series, is a traditional pony series, where the heroine, Mory, gets a pony and then has a series of adventures. Midnight Dancer was based on her own first pony, acquired as an adult, Hot Shot. She lived for a while in Wales, which provided the background for the books. Her more recent series, Magic Pony, follows the modern fashion of combining fantasy with ponies.

Midnight Dancer series
Midnight Dancer
To Catch a Thief
Running Free
Ride by Night

The Magic Pony Series
A Dream Come True,
The Lost Rabbit
Night-time Adventure
Natty Saves the Day
Ghost in the House
The Champion Jumper
Worst Week at School
Seaside Detectives
Snow Bandits
Thieves on Wheels
Pet Rescue
Summer Dreams

Finding the books
All the Midnight Dancer books are out of print, but are easy to find, and not at all expensive. The Magic Pony series is still in print.

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