Havers, Elinore

Elinore Havers wrote 13 pony books. She started off being published by Country Life, and her first book, Three Day Adventure, is a typical pony book of that era; well illustrated, and the sort of book that is attractive in its own right. She wrote another book for Country Life, Wigwam Island, and after that had rather a long gap before she started writing for Lutterworth. Lutterworth published the Crown Pony Library series, and Elinore wrote more titles for it than any other author: nine out of the twenty two.

The Crown Pony series didn’t feature top rank authors, but its stories are solid and readable, and Elinore’s stories are typical of it. As far as I know, she wrote no series.

Finding the books
Pony Hunt is the hardest title to find. Pricing can be fairly lunatic for this title on Amazon, but reasonably priced copies do occasionally turn up. All the other titles are reasonably easy to find, and usually cheap. Again, beware of stupidly priced titles on Amazon, to which this author, at the time of writing, seems prone. The monstrous prices charged don’t reflect rarity or fabulous condition. Very good copies indeed are available at decent prices, so beware.