Jones, Eleanor

Eleanor Jones is one of the stable of Stabenfeldt authors. Like other British pony book authors working int he last decade or so, she is published by Stabenfeldt, but not, as far as I know, by any British publishers. She’s certainly very well qualified to write pony stories: with her family, she runs the Holmescales Riding Centre in Cumbria, and is a BHSII. Her first riding experiences came with a Shetland her family borrowed: rather like Jill and Black Boy, there wasn’t much doubt about who was in charge when they started off, and Eleanor was taught to ride by the Shetland’s owner, whose methods were 'rather forceful'. Two ponies later, Eleanor had a tricky but very talented skewbald, on whom she showjumped with some success as a teenager.

She started the riding centre with her husband, and 25 years later it is going strong, despite a horrible incident with a rogue horse Eleanor had in to re-school, who deliberately came over backwards with her, before coming back to kick her. Eleanor’s spine was crushed, and it was over a year before she could ride properly again.

She wrote her first novel when she was 19, and has written several pony mysteries for Stabenfeldt.

Finding the books
No Stabenfeldt titles were published in the UK, but some copies have been imported and are usually available fairly cheaply here. Alternatively, you can try American sites, or, where bundles of titles tend to come up fairly often.

Links and sources
Holmescales Riding Centre, owned and run by the Jones family
Stabenfeldt’s article on Eleanor Jones - no longer extant