Williams, Dorian

Dorian Williams (1914-1985) was, to those of us of a certain age, the voice of show jumping. He commentated in the glory days of horses on television, when the Horse of the Year Show and the Royal International Horse Show were on television every evening while the shows were on.

Educated at Harrow, he had an immensely full life. Besides commentating, he was chairman of the British Horse Society, and instrumental in setting up the National Equestrian Centre at Stoneleigh. He was also Master of the Whaddon Chase. A keen amateur actor, he set up the Pendley Shakespeare Festival, and set up a Centre of Adult Education at Pendley, his family home.

As well as all this, he found time to write, and besides many non-fiction titles, wrote the Wendy series for children, as well as two books, Pancho and Kingdom for a Horse, aimed at adults. The Wendy series is a solid one. One of my reference books lists a fourth title in the series: Wendy Goes Abroad, but I can find no reference in the copyright libraries to it, or any copy for sale. It seems probable that the book was planned and advertised but publication was cancelled, for whatever reason.

The Wendy Series
Wendy Wins a Pony
Wendy Wins Her Spurs
Wendy at Wembley

Finding the books
All the books are reasonably easy to find, and generally affordable.

Links and sources
Dorian Williams: Master of One, an Autobiography, Dent, 1978.
Dorian William’s life at prepschool, and a picture of him as a young boy.