Dixon, Rex/Martin, Robert

Reginald Alec Martin (1900–71) wrote several lengthy series for children, including the science fiction Kemlo series (as E C Elliiott), the Pocomoto books (a cowboy series, under the name Rex Dixon) and the Joey series, aimed at younger readers, under the name Robert Martin.  

He didn’t write classic pony books: his Joey book is more an adventure story in which a pony happens to figure. The Pocomoto books are set in the American West, and are about Pocomoto, the only survivor of an Indian massacre. He is found as a baby and brought up by two old timers. He is then adopted by the Martin family, so that he can learn to be 'civilised'. He comes to love his adoptive family, as well as his animals: his palomino Goldflash, and his burro Horace, who is cantankerous, but a survivor.  

Finding the books
Joey and the Magic Pony is easy and cheap to find.  Some of the Pocomoto series are very pricey:  Texas Pioneers, Lady Sheriff, Warrior Braves, Buffalo Hunter, Canyon Treasure, Spanish Steed and Night Riders are the most expensive.  A few titles are easily available and cheap:  Robber’s Trail, Pony Express, Tenderfoot, Texas Ranger and L’il Fella are amongst them. The remaining titles can vary quite dramatically in price.

Sources and links
Many thanks to Patrick Baker for the photographs – much appreciated!
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