Kimpton, Diana

Diana Kimpton is a much-published children’s author who has cornered the market in superior pony tales for the young reader. She herself rode as a child, and has started riding again after a long break. Her first riding lesson had rather an abrupt start when the horse vanished from underneath her very shortly after she’d got on, but things have improved since then. The Pony-Mad Princess series is very well worth seeking out. I loved them. It is very easy to be put off books by their covers, but despite their girliness, the Pony-Mad Princess books are fine reads. Their heroine is feisty and not remotely princess-like in her behaviour.

The series has been published in America as The Pony-Crazed Princess, and some of the titles have been changed.

Diana has written a new book with a heroine called Sasha, There Must be Horses, which is a very fine read. Of her other writing, Diana says:
'I love writing the Pony-Mad Princess books. I can let my imagination fly and combine my passion for ponies with my delight in making people laugh. There's definitely a little bit of me in Ellie but my life was never that exciting or that much fun.'

Pony-Mad Princess
Princess Ellie to the Rescue
Princess Ellie’s Secret
A Puzzle for Princess Ellie
Princess Ellie’s Starlight Adventure
Princess Ellie and the Moonlight Mystery
A Surprise for Princess Ellie
Princess Ellie’s Holiday Adventure
Princess Ellie and the Palace Plot
Princess Ellie’s Christmas
Princess Ellie Saves the Day
Princess Ellie’s Summer Holiday
Princess Ellie’s Secret Treasure Hunt
Princess Ellie’s Perfect Plan

Finding the books
All are still in print.

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Diana Kimpton’s website