Hill, Denise

Denise Hill wrote one of the few pony books to make me laugh out loud: Coco the Gift Horse is, to put it mildly, inept. His hopelessness is wonderfully described. It’s a pity the second half of the book doesn’t have quite the wit of the first, but it’s still a good read. A Pony for Two is also about Jeremy and Jane, and their pony Falla. The Castle Grey Pony is a book for younger readers.

The Jeremy and Jane Pair
A Pony for Two
Coco the Gift Horse

Finding the books
Coco the Gift Horse is spectacularly easy to find, and it is very cheap. When I last looked there were several for very silly prices on Amazon: don’t be tempted into paying a lot, as you should be able to pick this one up for a couple of pounds. A Pony for Two is also easy to find, and cheap. The Castle Grey Pony is harder to find, but not impossible. It’s not normally horrendously expensive when it does turn up.