Glyn-Forest, D

D Glyn-Forest was a pseudonym used by Daisy Elfreda Lynes, about whom I can find no biographical information at all. She wrote two pony books, Gipsy’s Way and Elmwood Hall. Martello Tower, which she wrote in 1949, is a book of two halves: it starts as an adventure story, and towards the end has a definite pony club element. D Glyn-Forest was a regular contributor of short stories to Riding Magazine, published by Country Life, in the 1930s, and had a two-part story published in the 1953 Percy’s Pony Annual: Seeing is Believing. I have not been able to find anything she wrote after 1956.

Her full length novel, Gipsy’s Way, goes very much against type by having a misunderstood gipsy hero who may (or may not) have stolen a pony. The author neatly plays with the preconceptions people make, but this isn’t a simple moralistic tale: Deva the gipsy is released from prison at the end, but there is the possibility that this was only because of a theft committed elsewhere.

Finding the books
None of her titles are impossible to find: Gipsy’s Way and Martello Tower are easy to find and not generally expensive. Elmwood Hall is pricier and not quite so easy, but not impossible.

Links and sources
Many thanks to Mr P Scott for the information on Martello Tower.