Pullein-Thompson, Christine: series

In most authors' sections I've included their series as part of their biographies, but Christine Pullein-Thompson wrote so many series you'd be scrolling down for years. I've therefore put her series on a page of their own.

Chill Valley Hunt
We Hunted Hounds
I Carried The Horn
Goodbye To Hounds
Chill Valley Point to Point (short story)

Phantom Horse
Phantom Horse
Phantom Horse Comes Home
Phantom Horse Goes To Ireland
Phantom Horse In Danger
Phantom Horse Goes To Scotland
Wait For Me Phantom Horse

David and Pat
The First Rosette
The Second Mount
Three To Ride
The Lost Pony
For Want of a Saddle is a connector: it features Mick and Janice who appear first in The Lost Pony

Riding School Trilogy
The Empty Field
The Open Gate
The Doping Affair (later published as The Pony Dopers)

East Hanley
Riders On The March
They Rode To Victory

Pony Patrol
Pony Patrol S.O.S.
Pony Patrol Fights Back
Pony Patrol And The Mystery Horse
There is a short story called Pony Patrol Ends a Racket, published in Pony Parade in pb, 1978

Park Farm Animal Centre
Ponies In The Park
Ponies In The Forest
Ponies In The Blizzard

Candy Goes To The Gymkhana
Candy Stops A Train

Black Pony Inn
Mystery At Black Pony Inn
Strange Riders At Black Pony Inn
Secrets At Black Pony Inn
Prince At Black Pony Inn
Catastrophe At Black Pony Inn
Good Deeds At Black Pony Inn

I Want That Pony!
The Best Pony For Me!
The Pony Test
The Pony Picnic

Havoc At Horsehaven
Horsehaven Lives On

Other children's book series (not pony)

Giles series
Giles And The Elephant
Giles And The Greyhound
Giles And The Canal

The Eastmans
The Eastmans In Brittany
The Eastmans Move House
The Eastmans Find A Boy

A Home For Jessie
Please Save Jessie
Come Home, Jessie

Stay At Home, Ben
Careless Ben
Runaway Ben

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