Manson, Cecil and Celia

Cecil (1896–1987) and Celia Manson (1908–87) wrote historical articles and books together. Cecil was born in England, and educated at Repton School. He served in World War I, and worked as a journalist before moving to New Zealand. There he met Cecilia, who was born in Carterton and educated at Victoria University College. Cecil saw a second period of war service during World War II. Celia Manson set up the Winn-Manson Menton Trust with Sheilah Winn. The Trust administers the Katherine Mansfield Menton Trust, which gives funding to New Zealand writers to go and write in Menton, France, where Katherine Mansfield spent some of her later years.

Cecil and Celia Manson wrote on early pioneers in New Zealand, and wrote at least one children’s historical story, The Lonely One, set in New Zealand of the 1860s, in which two lonely creatures: boy and horse, meet.

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