Vaughan, Carol

Carol Vaughan isn’t particularly well known now: the first of her books about the Percheron, Matilda, was published in paperback but none of her other books, as far as I know, were. Books about heavy horses are not common, particularly Percherons. Carol Vaughan’s books are amongst the most attractive of pony books visually: I love Constance Marshall’s illustrations and the Michael Charlton one for King of the Castle is a delight.

Carol Vaughan’s output doesn’t look large, but she was a regular fixture in Pony Magazine, Pony Magazine Annual and The Pony Club Annual, turning out many, many short stories.

Finding the books
Most of the books are easy to find, apart from Dancing Horse, which can be tricky.

The Matilda Series
Missing Matilda
Two Foals for Matlida
Trekker’s Trail