Roland, Betty

Betty Roland (1903–96) was born Mary Isabel Maclean in Victoria, Australia on 22 July 1903 (she changed her name to Betty Roland in 1951). She married Peter Davies at the age of 19, and had a son. She worked as a journalist and playwright, and in the late 1920s met Guido Baracchi, a wealthy Marxist (which seems something of a contradiction in terms.) After separating from her husband, she and Baracchi travelled to Russia, where Betty worked on the Moscow Daily News. In 1935 she returned to Australia, and became involved in left wing politics. She continued writing plays and scripts, and set up the New Theatre League. The relationship with Baracchi broke up, and in 1952, Betty left for London with her daughter, Gilda, where she wrote for magazines and comics. After returning to Australia in 1961, she set up an artists’ community, and wrote several children’s books.

Her Jamie series is aimed at the younger reader. As far as I know, there are four books in the series, and they all have some horsey content.

Finding the books
Easy to find, and not expensive, though it is difficult to find copies which are not ex school library.

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Betty Roland in Girl
A photograph of Betty Roland

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