Kelly, Bernadette

Bernadette Kelly has two pony series in print: Riding High and Pony Patch. Pony Patch, four books long thus far, is about the greedy pony Norbert, whose owner Molly thinks he is the most perfect pony in the world. Riding High looks to be aimed at an older readership, and is about Annie Boyd and her local pony club. Annie is a fashion-loving city girl who moves to the country. So far there are eight books in the series.

Bernadette Kelly lives in Victoria with her husband, two children, six horses, two dogs, a cat and three cockatiels. She has been a district commissioner for her local pony club, and competes still. Her favourite writer as a child was Elyne Mitchell, and the character she’d most like to meet from children’s fiction is the Silver Brumby, Thowra. When she was in grade six at school, she was banned by her teacher from getting any more horse books out of the library (snap) but it didn’t stop her. Her own books are not particularly similar to the Silver Brumby books: the Riding High series is written firmly from a human point of view, but the Mitchell method of writing from the horse’s point of view has I think had an influence on Bernadette Kelly’s Norton: this series fully recognises ponies’ radically different point of view to that of their human 'masters’.

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