Digby, Anne

Anne Digby is best known for her Trebizon school stories, featuring the tennis-playing Rebecca, and her Me, Jill Robinson series. She has, however, written two pony stories, The Quicksilver Horse and A Horse Called September. A Horse Called September is an excellent portrayal of the tensions caused by peer pressure. The Quicksilver Horse is completely different in tone, being set in a circus.

Anne Digby was born in Kingston-upon-Thames, and went to the North London Collegiate School. She created comic strips and short stories for Girl and School Friend papers, and then became a press officer for Oxfam. However, she wanted to write full time, and after her first book, A Horse Called September, was published, and was well received, she started the Trebizon series. The later, and more difficult to find, of the series, have been republished by Fidra Books.

Anne Digby’s husband has also written a pony book (Queen Rider) under the name A D Langholm (later reprinted under the name Alan Davidson).

Many thanks to Hannah Fleetwood for the pictures.

Finding the books
The Denis Dobson first edition of A Horse Called September can be very expensive indeed, but it’s not impossible to track down more reasonably priced copies. Beware of booksellers claiming the Granada hardback is the first edition: it isn’t. The paperbacks are reasonably easy to source too, and shouldn’t be too expensive. The Quicksilver Horse is reasonably easy to find, and shouldn’t be too expensive as a hardback first edition. Paperbacks are cheap.

Fidra Book’s autobiographical information on Anne Digby.