Henning, Ann

Ann Henning Jocelyn (the Countess of Roden) was born in Sweden in 1948. She is a gifted woman: she has worked as an academic lecturing in Art History at Gothenburg University, is a playwright, and has translated books and plays from Swedish into English, as well as writing several novels, amongst which is the Connemara Trilogy. Ann Henning moved to Connemara after she married the Earl of Roden. She soon became involved with the local ponies, and started a training centre to add value to Connemara ponies before being sold by their breeders. Irish publishers Poolbeg commissioned her to write a book on Connemaras, and Connemara Whirlwind, based on her own stallion, Cuaifeach, was the result, followed by two other stories.

The books are still in print, and are a very readable picture of Irish society and the havoc that can be wrought upon it by a stallion with a mind of his own.

Finding the books
The books are currently in print by Poolbeg in Ireland, and can be ordered from them. Older copies are easy to find, though The Connemara Champion is more expensive than the first two books in the series.

Ann Henning Jocelyn, biographical information
Ann Henning Jocelyn on RTE Radio 1
Currently in print by Poolbeg