Jermieson, Allan

Allan Jermieson is a rare thing: a South African author of horse stories. He won the Amstel Playwright of the year in 1989 for his play Disputed Barricades. I’ve not yet been able to turn up any substantial biographical information about him. I believe The Delmonico Two O Five is about a stablehand, but haven’t been able to find a copy to check.

Finding the book
Rebecca’s Horse is hard to find. The House with No Windows is considerably easier.

Sources and links
The Amstel Playwright of the Year
Many thanks to the anonymous person who sent me information on The House with No Windows.

Bibliography: pony books only
Rebecca’s Horse, Tafelberg Publishers Ltd, Cape Town, 1988, 147 pp.
The House with No Windows, Blackie, London, 1977, 102 pp

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