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Dave Warner is multi talented: he’s a rock musician, screenwriter, and an author. Amongst his non fiction is an exposé of the bad bits of racing – Racing’s Hall of Shame (1999) – not a typical horse book by any means: they tend to focus on the nicer side of life. It’s perhaps not a surprise then that his children’s pony series doesn’t trot off down normal paths either. Charlotte and the Starlet is a short series about a junior Olympic hopeful and her horse. It all sounds terribly normal, until you find out that the horse, Leila, is a Hollywood starlet, has ambitions for more, and can talk.

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Charlotte and the Starlet
A Friend in Need
Hooray for Hollywood

Bibliography (pony books only)

Charlotte and the Starlet

Random House, Australia, 2006, 236 pp.

Charlotte is a natural rider. She’s trying out for the Junior Olympic Squad, but when she gets there, she finds the head already disapproves of her, and her room mates want to win at any cost. So far, so normal…. But then Charlotte meets the horse she’ll be riding in trials. Leila has attitude in spades: but then she’s kidnapped. And then Charlotte finds out that not only does Leila have Hollywood attitude, she can talk.

A Friend in Need

Random House, Australia, 2008, 240 pp

Charlotte’s made it onto the squad, and Leila’s enjoying life with her so much she’s given up her Hollwood ambitions. Charlotte also has a new friend on the squad. The evil three ex roommates however still have it in for Charlotte and Leila. Charlotte’s sent away to deportment school, and when she gets back, she finds out Leila’s been sold.

Hooray for Hollywood

Random House, Australia, 2010, 288 pp.

The Academy where the young riders are training is being sued by one of the evil three: the only way they can find the money they’ll need is if Leila earns it in Hollywood. So, off she goes, but it all goes horribly wrong…