Stewart, Christine and Yager, Julie

About the author

Christine Stewart and Julie Yager, started Six Horses and a Caravan when they were 15 and 13 respectively. The project took them a few years: they were 19 and 17 when they completed it. They were inspired to start the story when one day after school they saw a truck with six horses and a caravan attached behind driving into Sydney for the Royal Easter Show. They said: ‘It was to be a book for us – a way of putting down our feelings about horses and the country. For two years we battled at it – arguing, agreeing, letting the ideas come. Sometimes we sat down together to write a part: sometimes we would write whole sections separately. Finally the book emerged – and somehow we were still good friends!’
As far as I can see, they wrote just the one pony book.

Christine went on to study the Arts, and Julie Veterinary Science. As far as I know, this book was the start and end of their writing careers. The book was illustrated by Roseanne Fuller, a contemporary of the authors. She studied at East Sydney Technical College.

Finding the book
The book isn’t hugely common. It wasn’t published in the UK.

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Six Horses and a Caravan

Ure Smith, Sydney, NSW, 1964, 156 pp. Illus Roseanne Fuller.

Twins Joanne and Diana Kennedy realise a dream: they are going on a year’s tour of the country shows with six horses, a truck and a caravan, now that they are 18, and considered responsible. The tour is wonderful, but they also hit problems and heartaches.