Stafford, Liliana

About the author

Liliana Stafford (b.1950) was born in Sussex in the UK, but moved to Australia, where she’s lived ever since, when she was 20. She started writing ‘seventeen years and six children later’, and has written picture books and a series of horse stories. The family owned horses for some years, and Liliana taught riding. She was inspired to write after the death of Chiko, a pony the family owned: she wanted to create pony books that meant something to the children of Western Australia, that were set somewhere they were familiar with, and which dealt with their everyday lives. The Chiko series was the result.

Finding the books
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Links and sources
Liliana Staffford’s website
Liliana Stafford on Scholastic, Australia (link no longer works)
An interview with Liliana Stafford


Chiko – Through the Starting Flags
Chiko – a Race is Run

Bibliography (pony books only)

Chiko – Through the Starting Flags

Cygnet, 2001, 171 pp, illus Alea Kennedy

Penny has a new pony – a Welsh Mountain pony show jumper called Chiko. They don’t click instantly, but they share a love of jumping, which takes them to the Royal Show

Chiko – A Race is Run

UWA Press 2001, 128 pp, illus Alena Kennedy

Penny and Chiko face some dramatic challenges: a bushfire, boys, the biggest cross-country event on the pony club calendar, and a final challenge that is heart breaking.


UWA Press, 2002

Digger goes missing, and so Cliff, Luke and his friend Gino hit the road to rescue him. The resulting journey will take all their courage and perseverance.


UWA Press, 2004
Cygnet Books, Crawley, 2004, 137 pp.

The mare Shah is beautiful, and when Julie sees her, she knows she’s found her horse. What Julie doesn’t know is that Shah is not what she seems. They will have a lot to face together, the girl and the beautiful but emotionally damaged horse, and it will take them into danger.