Marshall, Alan

About the author

Alan Marshall (1902–84) was born in Noorat, Australia. At the age of six, he went down with polio, which left him, as it left so many others in that pre-vaccination age, with physical difficulties that remained with him throughout his life, and which eventually led to the amputation of his right leg. His book I Can Jump Puddles (1955) was, in essence, the story of his childhood: a happy time where despite his disability, he learned to swim, and to ride. The book was reprinted many times, and is still in print today.

I Can Jump Puddles was not his only book: it had two sequels. He also wrote articles and short stories, and collected and published indigenous Australian tales.

Finding the book
Easy. It has been reprinted many, many times, and I’m sure there are more editions out there than I have listed.

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