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Judy Andrekson is a Canadian author, who’s written a series of horse stories about a range of horses and ponies over the world. All the horses in question are real, and all overcome difficulties, some of them severe: poor Miskeen has his teeth pulled out after biting a child. Judy Andrekson began writing when she was thirteen, reporting on her 4H branch for her local paper. Her first horse was a chestnut Arab called Little Red, who sadly had to be sold when Judy and her parents decided to move. Rather touchingly, after six months the family moved again, to a small farm, and bought Red back.

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An interview with Judy Andrekson

Judy Andrekson on Tundray

Little Squire: the Jumping Pony
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2007, 67 pp, illus David Parkins

The blurb

Little Squire, the tiny son of a Connemara pony, and Mickey Walsh, a young man rebelling
against his father, take New York City by storm with their talent, humor and style.

Bibliography - horse books only

Miskeen: the Dancing Horse
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2007, 82 pp, illus David Parkins

This book tells how the circus horse Miskeen overcame the abuse of having his teeth pulled
out as punishment for his mauling of a child in self-defence.

Brigadier: Gentle Hero
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2009, 88 pp, illus David Parkins

Brig was a Belgian draft cross, with the right temperament to earn his place on the Mounted
Unit of the Toronto Police Department. To Sergeant Graham Acott, Brig was a horse, and a
partner, perfectly suited to the job for which he’d been bred......When he turned into the path
of an oncoming car and took the full force of its impact, he did what he was trained to do.

JB Andrew:  Mustang Magic

Tundra Books, Toronto, 2008, 74 pp, illus David Parkins

The blurb:

JB "Jail Bird" Andrew is a wild mustang who endures capture, captivity, and a training programme
intended to make him more adoptable, and eventually makes a name for himself and his breed
in competitive dressage.

Fosta: Marathon Master

Tundra Books, Toronto, 2008, 88 pp, illus David Parkins

Fosta – one of the best-known horses ever to run Australia's gruelling "ultimate endurance
test" called the Shahzada  - attempts to earn his last completion buckle.

Gunner: Hurricane Horse
Tundra Books, Toronto, 2010,  pp, illus David Parkins

The blurb:
At first an unruly foal, Gunner grows into a smart and beautiful show horse, whose troublemaking
ways hide a devotion to his family that shines through, until disaster strikes in the form of
Hurricane Katrina.

Judy Andrekson