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Ron Hevener

Fate of the Stallion

Pennywood Press, Inc, 2000, 166 pp, illus the author

“Nahgua is a beautiful Arabian racehorse, whose unscrupulous owner will stop at nothing to
win as many races with the horse as quickly as she can. When the horse breaks down, she is
about to euthanise the stallion, when our hero Dan Marshall, steps in and rescues the horse.
The horse comes to him during a bleak period in his life when he feels he has lost the ability
to love, and each new turn in the stallion’s life brings Dan closer to his old self, and brings him
together again with his estranged family.

 Ron Hevener is a sculptor who makes model horse and dog collectibles. He has also written three books. High Stakes and The Blue Ribbon are both about dogs; his first novel, Fate of the Stallion, is based on the true story of an Arabian stallion who vanished from the public gaze, and what happened when he was found again.

Finding the book: easy to find, and can be ordered new directly from the author.

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