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Ruth and Latrobe Carroll wanted to present the people of the Appalachian region, historically presented as backward and resistant to change, accurately. They themselves were natives of New York, but they travelled extensively in North Carolina in their mission to get the topography, flora, fauna, and most importantly the people, right. The Tough Enough series is about the Tatum family anf their life in the Great Smoky Mountains. The series is actually about a dog called Tough Enough, but several of the books involve horses. The Latrobes had a particular talent for illustrating dogs; their Bumble Pup and Scuffles are particularly charming.

Finding the books: all the books are easy to find. Very good firsts can be expensive.

Links and sources

Terri A. Wear: Horse Stories, an Annotated Bibliography, Scarecrow Press, 1987

Longer summaries of the books

The Tatum Family Series, by Judy A Teaford, Mountain State University, Beckley, WV

Bibliography - horse books only

Runaway Pony, Runaway Dog

Henry Z Walck, New York, 1963, 80 pp, illus Ruth Carroll

The vet has come…. Sassy and Tough Enough the dog escape, but it’s out of the frying pan and
into the fire as they are caught by a man who runs an unusual zoo.

Tough Enough’s Pony

Henry Z Walck, New York, 1957, 64 pp, illus Ruth Carroll

Oxford University Press, New York, 1957, 64 pp

The Tatums are visiting their great-grand-parents in North Carolina. While they’re there, Tough
Enough finds an injured Banker pony and Beanie and the dog become fast friends with the sick
pony Sassy.

Tough Enough and Sassy
Henry Z Walck, New York, 1958, 63 pp, illus Ruth Carroll

Beanie, Tough Enough, and the other Tatum children know they need to help their parents
by earning money for the farm. If matters get to bad, they worry that they might have to sell
their pony Sassy.

Tough Enough’s Indians

Henry Z Walck, New York, 1960, 64 pp, illus Ruth Carroll

The Tatum children are playing, and performing an eagle dance, which Beanie had to learn
for a school play.

Tough Enough

Henry Z Walck, New York, 1954, 64 pp, illus Ruth Carroll

Oxford University Press, New York, 1954

Tough Enough is a puppy. He antagonises the family who buy him as he is a tad destructive,
but he proves his worth!

Tough Enough’s Trip

Henry Z Walck, New York, 1956, 64 pp, illus Ruth Carroll

Oxford University Press, New York, 1956, 64 pp

Tough Enough series


Tough Enough
Tough Enough’s Trip

Tough Enough’s Pony

Tough Enough and Sassy

Runaway Pony, Runaway Dog

Tough Enough’s Indians