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Pony book sales

My sales website closed in August 2013. Thank you to everyone who's bought books from me over the years, shared information and chatted. It's been great. I haven't gone away. I'm still keeping a close eye on the horse and pony book field, reviewing away and letting you know what's coming up. And my info website, janebadgerbooks.co.uk is still being added to.

You can join me and wallow in pony book nostalgia on Facebook, Twitter and my Forum.

Looking for Heroines on Horseback? You can buy a signed copy from me here.

Publishers of pony books

The major publishing houses have their Heartlands etc, but these independent publishers are republishing classic horse and pony books:

Fidra Books: an Edinburgh-based publisher (or should that be re-publishers) of Primrose Cumming, Josephine Pullein-Thompson, K M Peyton, Katharine Whitlock and Pamela Whitlock and their latest, Ruby Ferguson.  


Girls Gone By: publishers (again, re-publishers) of Monica Edwards (and many other authors, including me): most of hers weren’t strictly pony books, but here’s where to come if you’re an addict. All of her titles will be re-published eventually.

Girls Gone By do limited reprints, so if you want one of their books, swoop while they’re still in print. They very soon rocket up in price on the secondhand market.

Catnip: Catnip are reissuing Patricia
Leitch’s Jinny series. Their edition is actually my favourite of all the Jinny editions: it’s far more substantial than its Armada predecessors.

Andersen Press: Monica Dickens has now joined the ranks of pony book authors to be republished. The Andersen Press, probably best known to parents for producing the multi-coloured elephant Elmer, have republished three of the four book series.

American companies

Image Cascade: Image Cascade publish out of print girl’s stories, in a similar fashion to Girls Gone By. As well as a range of other, non pony, authors, they have published Janet Lambert’s Dria Meredith books, and Anne Emery’s Scarlet Royal.

The Will James Art Company: as well as producing various merchandise with Will James’ illustrations, this company has reissued most (if not all) of Will James’ books. Unusually, many are available as hardbacks.

Poppet Press: has reprinted the Barbara van Tuyl’s Bonnie series, one of American horse book readers’ favourites.

The Press has reprinted the whole series, and it is available in the UK.

Other places to find pony books

Specialist children's booksellers

Aucott & Thomas

Stella & Rose
Peakirk Books
March House Books
Cotswold Books
The Children's Bookshop - also have a large shop
Steven Dadd - often has a good pony book selection

UK - physical shops

The Rutland Bookshop
13 High Street West
Rutland LE15 9QB
Tel: 01572 823450

Open Tuesdays - Saturdays, 11.00am - 5.00pm

You’ll also find them at the big shows and events: they usually do Badminton and Burghley. The Rutland Bookshop stocks a good range of country and animal books, including pony books. They don’t have an online presence.

Equestrian Book Fair

They’re at all the major shows, and also have a web presence. They stock modern fiction and non fiction.

On Ebay (UK)


Squirrel Books

Equestrian Books - used

RE & GB Way - excellent range of non fiction horse books


Robin Bledsoe, sells children's horse books, as well as a wide selection of horse and art books. Probably the major equestrian dealer in the USA.

Horse Books Plus - also sell children's horse books

Equitainment, have a wide range of horsey stuff - DVDs as well as books.