I’m no longer updating this page. I got out of the habit when my father died, and increasing pressure of work has made it harder and harder to keep up with it. As this page doesn’t attract much traffic, there seems even less point in trying to keep it up to date, so I am letting myself off that particular hook. I am though keeping all the information for reference here.  


Children’s Literature

Che Golden: Mulberry Gets Up to Mischief (Meadow Vale Ponies)

The latest episode of the Mulberry stories came out on New Year’s Day. Published by OUP,
it’s £5.99 in paperback, and £5.69 as a Kindle edition.

Claire Svendsen: Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland is the thirteenth book in the Show Jumping Dreams series, and my New
Year’s resolution is actually to read one. Heroine Emily now has everything she ever wanted –
at least in theory, but working and living at Fox Run isn’t quite the dream she thought it would
be. The book is out just in Kindle format, and it’s £2.30.

Angela Dorsey: Sun Seeker

Third in the Sun Catcher series, and published in Kindle format at £2.34. Sun Catcher wants
to become a scout for her tribe, but on her first scouting trip with her mare, Sunshine,
everything goes horribly wrong.

Amanda Wills: Into the Storm

The third of Amanda Wills’ excellent series is out in Kindle format this month.


Jane Ayres: Joyrider

Jane Ayres’ latest is Joyrider, and it’s out in paperback on 8 January for £4.99. Linzi has
everything, it appears, and on the other side of town, Bex has nothing. But appearances
can be deceptive.

Caroline Akrill: A Hoof in the Door

Caroline Akrill has now released the second of the eventing trilogy – in fact it was out in
December, but I think I managed to miss it, and even if I didn’t, it’s such a good book it’s
worth reminding you about it. It’s £3.41.


Children’s Literature

Patricia Leitch: Jump for the Moon

Catnip are nearly there with their reprints of the Jinny series. The eleventh book, Jump for

the Moon, is out on 12 Feb 2015 at £5.99.

Ruby Ferguson: Rosettes for Jill

Out some time this month is the latest in Fidra’s reprints. As with the others, it uses the
original first edition text and illustrations.


Philip Kerr: The Winter Horses

The paperback version is out on 16 January, published by Walker Books at £5.59. Set in
Ukraine during WWII, Max finds Kalinka hiding in the animal reserve he looks after. She’s
lost everything apart from the relationship she has with the Przewalski’s horses on the
reserve. Then most of the horses are exterminated by the Nazis and Kalkina has to set out
to save the only two surviving horses.

Non Fiction

John Carter: Warriors on Horseback 

Out on 12 February, and published by Bloomsbury, this book takes a look at jockeys. It’s
not the usual jockey biography, but looks at jockeys over five centuries, male as well as
female. £18.00.


Young Readers

Lily Small: Paige the Pony

There is apparently an entire series Fairy Animals of Misty Wood, but so far this is the lone
pony title. Every animal in the wood has a special job to do, and also has their own pair of
fairy wings. Out on 5 March, it’s published by Egmont, and is £4.99 in paperback.

Children’s Literature

Miralee Ferrell: A Horse for Kate

This is out on 1 March, published by David C Cook, and is £4.78 in paperback and £4.54
in Kindle format. Kate has always wanted a horse of her own, and when she discovers a
barn on their new farm, and a dusty bridle, and she and her friend Tori find a horse who
appears to be all alone, it looks as if her dreams might have come true.

K M Peyton: Flambards Divided

OUP have now reached the final Flambards book in their latest reprint. It’s out on 5 March,
and is £6.99 in paperback.

K M Peyton: The Team

The sequel to ­Fly-by-Night, which Random House published last year, is out on paperback
26 Mar 2015. This is one of my all time favourite books of any sort, pony and non pony.
The Kindle edition is already out, and the paperback is £7.55.

Ken Lake: A Year at the Yard

Forelock’s first book of 2015 is set at a typical yard and is a story about ponies and their
owners, with plenty of humour mixed in. It’s aimed at the younger reader, and also at
horsey parents for reading to their children. Out at the end of March, this will be £9.99.

Lucy Johnson: Pony Racer

Forelock’s other offering this month (again at £9.99) is aimed at the YA market, and is
the story of a troubled boy who is fostered by a racing family. Nothing seems to reach
him until he forms a bond with one of the family ponies. 

Lauren St John: The Glory

Having finished her eventing series, Lauren St John’s next book is an equestrian thriller set
in America about a boy and a girl racing for their lives. It’s a standalone story, and is
published by Orion on 5 March. The hardback is £10.99; the Kindle £5.99.

Non Fiction

Peter Mitchell: Horse Nations: The Worldwide Impact of the Horse on Indigenous
Societies Post 1492

Published by OUP, and out in March, this is £30.00 in hardback. We all have a picture in
our minds of the Native American on a horse, but this book looks at other equestrian
societies affected by European expansion. The book looks at the indigenous societies
of North and South America, southern Africa, and Australasia and outlines the
transformations that the acquisition of the horse wrought on a diverse range of groups
within these four continents.


Children’s Literature

Olivia Tuffin: The Palomino Pony Runs Free

Number four in the Palomino Pony series, in which Georgia and Lily are hoping to make it
to HOYS. Georgia is so worked up about the prospect it’s affecting her riding, and she’s
going backwards. Published by Nosy Crow, it’s £5.99 in paperback, and £3.59 in Kindle.

Pippa Funnell: Team Work

Third in the Tilly’s Horse series, this is published by Orion and is £4.99 in paperback or
£3.49 in Kindle format. It’s out on 2 April, and sees Tilly grooming for top eventer, Livvy
James, at Luhmühlen.

Catherine Hapka: Moonlight Mile

This is another in the Ponies of Chincoteague series, and it’s out on 28 April.

Karen Wood: Brumby Mountain

An Australian brumby book, this is out on 9 April 2015, and is published by Allen & Unwin
at £5.15. Luke brings home a truckload of traumatised brumbies, victims of the brumby
runners. Jess, Luke and their friends are determined to foil the runners and save the wild
mountain horses.


Ponies, ponies, ponies