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Andrea Wandel is a German author who writes children’s books: some of her pony books have been translated and published by Stabenfeldt, though by no means all. She has written a fairly lengthy series in her native language that I think translates as A Pony For All Seasons. She used to work as a music journalist, but now writes. She lives with her husband, children, horses, dog and cat in Upper Bavaria.

Finding the books: not in print in the UK, but can be found occasionally on the secondhand market, and via eBay.

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Information on Andrea Wandel and her other pony titles

Andrea Wandel

The Third Summer

(NB: author name on title and copyright page given as Andrea Freund)

Original title: Freiheit auf vier Hufen

Stabenfeldt Inc, New York, 2010, trans Karen Nickel Anhalt, illus Eleonore Gerhaher,150 pp.

June’s mother, Marty, has agreed that a paraplegic girl can come and stay at their riding camp.
Unfortunately, they have no horse specially trained, and Marty’s first choice doesn’t exactly work
out. Added to that, their usual camp cook goes down with chicken pox...

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June Jumps for Joy

Original title: Ferien Auf Dem Sonnenhof #2

Stabenfeldt Inc, New York, 2009, trans Karen Nickel Anhalt, illus Eleonore Gerhaher,149 pp.

In their second go at running a riding camp, June and her mother Marty find things are going
rather more smoothly than the first time they tried it: until, that is, one of the campers finds that
a bully from school has followed her, intent on making her life and everyone else’s a misery.

A Bumpy Ride

Stabenfeldt Inc, New York, 2009, trans Karen Nickel Anhalt.

The first of the Vacation at Sunshine Farm series. June’s parents have split up, and she lives
with her mother on a farm. They decide to open a riding camp, offering holidays to children, but
it is much, much harder to do than they thought.

Vacation at

Sunshine Farm

A Bumpy Ride

June Jumps for Joy

The Third Summer