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Anna Sellberg

Clear the Hurdles, Sara!

(Originally published as Över alla hinder, Sara!)
Stabenfeldt, 2005,
149 pp, trans Tore Fauske

Sara’s best friend Jessie has moved a thousand miles away, but Sara goes to spend her
holiday with Jessie in England. Sara meet’s Jessie’s new friend, Fiona, and has, since two
terrible and tragic accidents, lost her nerve. Can Sara help Fiona jump again?

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Sara and the Crying Clown

(Originally published as Sara och clownen som grät)

Stabenfeldt, 2006, 149 pp, trans Jeannie M Hamrin

Sara, Alexandra and Sophia are alone together on Sara’s grandparents’ Shetland pony farm.
Then a mysterious clown appears at the window. Sara, who is a lot braver than me, is
determined to find out who the mysterious figure is and what he wants.

Mia’s Riding Camp

Stabenfeldt, Danbury, CT, 153 pp, 2008

Mia is shy, and she’s not too confident about her short, fat horse either. She has been laughed
at before, so wonders why she is risking yet more ridicule to go to riding camp for a week.

Save the Horses Sara!

Stabenfeldt, 2004

Sara and the Mystery of the Thoroughbred

Stabenfeldt, 2002

The Golden Chestnut

Stabenfeldt, 2006

“Lori has fallen in love with Red Top, but she doesn't know why. Sure, he's a beautiful golden
chestnut, but he doesn't show an interest in her, and it's not like they have a special bond or
anything. But when the richest, most stuck-up girl at the stables shows an interest in him and then
starts to abuse him, Lori knows that she has to do something ... and fast.”

Watch Out Sara!

Stabenfeldt, 2006

“Sara has a great new friend named Molly, whose family owns a pacer training farm, and a
famous racehorse! She loves the fascinating new world of pacers – except for that horrible
George, the horse trainer. What is up there in the hayloft that he doesn’t want the girls to find?
Well, Sara and Molly are going to do some sleuthing and uncover the truth – even if George
threatens Sara!”

The Sara Series

Sara and the Mystery of the Thoroughbred

Save the Horses, Sara!

Clear the Hurdles, Sara!

Sara and the Crying Clown
Watch Out Sara!