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Turf-cutter's Donkey

The Turf-cutter’s Donkey

The Turf-cutter’s Donkey Goes Visiting

The Turf-Cutter's Donkey Kicks Up His Heels

Long Ears

The Turf-cutter's Donkey: An Irish Story

of Mystery and Adventure

J M Dent & Sons, London, 1934, illus Jack B Yeats, 245 pp.

EP Dutton, New York, 1935, 245 pp.

Dent Pennant, London, 1962, 237 pp.

Dent Dolphin, London, 1976, 237 pp. (right)

White Lion Publishers, 1977, 237 pp.

Knight, pb, 1968 and 1971, 254 pp.

Portloaise, 1984, 210 pp.

Poolbeg, Dublin, 1988, 242 pp.

Seamus and Eileen live in a whitewashed cottage at the end of the
bog where their father works as a turf-cutter. They are befriended by
a donkey, but this is no ordinary donkey. He leads them into a world
where humans are not the only talking inhabitants: there are
 leprechauns, ancient heroes and the Salmon of Knowledge too.

Bibliography (selected)

The Turf Cutter’s Donkey Goes Visiting:
The Story of an Island Holiday

J M Dent & Sons, London, 1935, illus George Altdendorf,

229 pp.

Dent Pennant, London, 1965

Knight, pb, 1972, illus Richard Kennedy. 222 pp.

The turf cutter takes his family and the animals to visit
an island on holiday.

The Turf-Cutter's Donkey Kicks Up His Heels

EP Dutton & Co, New York, 1939, illus Winifred Bromhall

Browne & Nolan, Dublin, 1946, 208 pp. Illus Eileen Coghlan

J M Dent & Sons, London, 1951

Long Ears, the Story of a Little Grey Donkey

J M Dent & Sons, London, 1943, illus Joan Kiddell-Monroe, 250 pp.
Long Ears: Penguin Books, 1954, illus Sheila Hawkins, 232 pp.

Dent, London, 1963. 250pp.

Long Ears is a donkey, born on a farm in the Irish mountains. He has a spark
of magic to him, and has strange adventures when he ventures out.

Strangers at the Fair

Browne & Nolan, Dublin, 1945, illus Eileen Coghlan, 159 pp.
Penguin Books, 1949, pb (right)

A series of short stories, some of which feature Eileen and Seamus from
The Turf Cutter’s Donkey.