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Kate Thompson

Annan Water
Bodley Head, London, 2004, 181 pp
Reprinted 2005, paperback

Michael is the son of horse dealer parents. Added to the pressures of constantly preparing horses
for sale is the rarely mentioned death of his sister, to say nothing of his schoolwork. The girl Annie
seems to be the only glimmer of light on the horizon.

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Highway Robbery

Bodley Head, London, 2008, illus Jonny Duddle

Greenwillow, New York, 2008, 118 pp. Cover Tristan Elwell, illus Jonny Duddle and Robert Dress

Aimed at younger readers than Annan Water: “a dark stranger leaves his magnificent horse in the
care of a boy he's never met. As dark falls, others offer to pay the boy handsomely for the animal.
Then soldiers arrive, demanding to know where the horse's owner has gone. Could the stranger
be the notorious Dick Turpin, known for his daring holdups and amazing exploits? Is the horse
the legendary Black Bess? And will the boy ever see the reward he's been promised?”